Oops! I wish I hadn’t said that! Dating Tips


Remember, the way you communicate will give the person you are sitting across from during a dinner date a wonderful glimpse into who you are. Learning how to fine tune your dating communication will be the single most important factor that draws her near or repels him away. Learning how to filter thoughts from your mind to your mouth takes work for many of us. Single men and women need to remember when you are on a date it only takes one slip of the tongue to say something that kills the mood. Learning how to play it smooth and keep all those opinionated thoughts to yourself for the time being can be challenging but will prove to be the right move in the long run.

Going on an extended commentary about who you know, what you have done and what you have can send messages to the opposite sex that you are needy and insecure. Learning how to be thoughtful about what comes out of your mouth takes self awareness. Self awareness is something that many singles need assistance with. The last thing you want to project on a date is that you are self centered. I realize your inability to manage this may be due to nervousness.

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