Dating Tips: How do I find a boyfriend? How do I get a date?

13872539-young-woman-with-doubtful-expression-and-question-marks-over-her-headThe big questions that most perennially single women ask themselves are ‘Where do I find a promising date?” and “How do I get a boyfriend?”  As a leading dating coach and matchmaker, I hear that question all day long. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, but here’s how I generally approach this.

1) The first step to finding someone special is to get in harmony with the idea of what it will really take to be in a relationship and to be a girlfriend. Are you ready? Are you really ready?

If you said yes then many of you have to come out of your shell and make yourself both physically and emotionally available for a potential partner.   Having a boyfriend is a wonderful idea, but you’ve got to be prepared for what it takes to find one, and then when you’ve found someone you like, you’ve got to commit to put the work in to sustain and manage that relationship.

2) Too many singles are WAY too passive about their love lives.  They are thoughtful and strategic about their careers, but think that love is just going to bop them over the head one day.  No, you’ve got to be just as strategic in love as you are in other parts of your life.  Take control of your ‘love search’.  Be aggressive about putting yourself in situations where you might meet someone.  Think about your love life multiple moves at a time like chess.

3) No matter what God has blessed you with physically, you can do things to put your absolute best foot forward.  How you look, what you wear, how you handle yourself, what you say, etc. (and much more) all makes a huge difference in how successful you will be in attracting and keeping love.  There are some basic tips that you should be aware of.  Ask me if you don’t know.

4) Where can I meet men? Bars are great for hanging out and having fun.  Forget about them as a place to meet a potential significant other.  Potentially impaired by both alcohol and ego around buddies, many men are looking for something other than a potentially serious relationship there.  For sure, spend more time out and around your interests – at parks, museums, churches, sporting events, etc. Heck, even hire a matchmaker to meet some incredible new men!  🙂

The mechanics of finding a boyfriend can be tricky but it is doable in a very short period of time if you have the tools and a clear head to execute it. In fact, it happens every day!  Heed these tips and you’ll be smarter about the process.  Peruse through this blog for further advice.  Contact me today 404.496.8293 to learn how to apply these insights to your specific circumstance.

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One thought on “Dating Tips: How do I find a boyfriend? How do I get a date?

  1. Hey Karla, I did a post a while back, Google’s most insane search suggestions, one of which was “What’s a boyfriend and where can I download one”, made me chuckle a bit. From guys perspective I always thought women had it easy, with no end of suitors. But sure it’s hard to find someone special .Being ready and prepared, and taking action, great advice.

    I met my girlfriend on a bus, she smiled at me, I smiled at her and the rest is history. I do remember feeling really really good in myself that day, and I think that may have helped. Also she made me feel like I couldn’t fail, through showing me she genuinely liked me, so asking for her number was an enjoyable risk.

    Warm regards

    Don Charisma

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