New Year’s Resolutions:: 5 Dating Tips For Boomers & Seniors

1. Life is short for us all! Do yourself a new favor and commit to creating a vibrant social life for yourself in 2013. It will likely take you telling yourself “I am going to get out this weekend and every weekend I can.”Being a homebody is the safest and most comfortable thing we can do. You will not cross paths with interesting people of like mind unless you force yourself to get out and play.

2. Keep a close eye on the energy or vibe you project. This will require you to be self aware in a different way. We all emanate energy and when your energy is negative you will have challenges attracting a special friend.
3. Commit to exploring your world in a new way – unlike you ever have. This is scary for some but it can be done by taking small steps. Always remember there is someone for everyone. If you are new to dating, this affirmation will come in handy to keep top of mind.
4. Keep your outlook as positive as possible especially when chaos is on the horizon. Remember, you are walking this beautiful planet and because of that we should all be grateful. This is easier said than done when you are on the heals of a divorce or trying to wrap your mind around some other crisis. Despite your surroundings there is nothing more important than your emotional & spiritual health.
5. Forget about 2012. It is in the past! You have a new opportunity to start the year off fresh and make your social dreams come true. Commit to stretching yourself this year. To get more insights on how these tips may apply to you inquire at for a private consultation.

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