Ratchet up your self-awareness today; your love life is at stake!

This is a task that many singles find challenging. In dating, being able to admit that you may need to reign yourself in a bit can be humbling. Remember that everything you say and do in your romantic interactions either moves you closer to meeting your ultimate dating objective in finding the love of your life  or it moves you further away. With that at stake, you obviously want to be thoughtful.
Some people may tell you to “just be yourself.” Unfortunately, its probably a bit more complicated than that.  For example, on a first date it is not wise to get into a potentially polarizing conversation about your political or religious passions. Wait until you have established whether there’s some real compatibility and chemistry before putting those cards on the table.
While this is a fairly obvious example, there are plenty of others that are more subtle that you should be aware of.  Yes, be yourself, but also be thoughtful and strategic! To get more insights on how these tips may apply to you inquire at Karla@NineGPS.com for a private consultation.
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